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Helping expectant parents prepare for a Happy Birth Day!

Birth is the most miraculous and joyful time in a family’s life.  It is my greatest honor to be included in supporting you and your family through your pregnancy, birth, and early postpartum adjustment.  My goal is to provide excellent labor support and create a sentimental, memorable experience that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Doula Support:

Studies show that women who have excellent labor support have higher satisfaction with their birth, are less likely to require interventions, and feel more connected to the experience.

In order to provide you with the highest quality of care and ensure my availability, I limit the number of clients I agree to support.  I am available to you day and night, and I make contingency plans for all of my family and professional obligations for 10-days on either side of your due date.  I also arrange for a backup-doula who can meet with you or support you in the event I am delayed reaching you.  Since I limit my practice once I have committed to you,  I depend on full-payment even if unforseen circumstances interfere with our plans.  (i.e., if labor goes quickly and I am not able to get to the birth; if you end up having a scheduled cesarean, etc.)


I look forward to supporting a laboring mother and her partner throughout labor.

-Please keep in touch with me in the weeks before your birth, so I can share your excitement about progress you are making, and support you through any physical challenges or questions you may have.

-We can meet for one or two prenatal visits to discuss your plans and practice skills to help you feel confident in birth.

-When you believe you may be in labor, please call me.  Between midnight & 6 a.m., please call me if you need support.  Otherwise, call me after 6 a.m.

-If I do not answer my cell phone, please leave a message and continue calling the other numbers on my call list.  If you do not reach me, and I do not call back within 15 minutes, please call the backup doula.  She will continue to reach me and/or support you.

During Labor:

I am glad to labor with you at your house and help you decide when to head to the hospital.  Or, if you prefer to have those last hours alone as a couple, I am glad to meet you at the hospital or place of birth when you’re ready for additional labor support.  Please let me know your preference.  I am entirely available to you throughout labor.

I enjoy keeping a birth log and taking photographs throughout labor and birth.  I generally use my Canon digital camera, but if you prefer I use your camera, I am glad to do that.  I will burn your photos onto a DVD and give them to you with the birth story as a keepsake.


I look forward to visiting the family at their home when the baby is 2-4 weeks old.  We review the birth story, share photos, and talk about the birth together.  If Mom is having any difficulty, I am a resource to help her find the support she may need.  I am also available by phone or email at any time.

About Dads: 

The miracle of birth is the most natural outcome of the covenant marriage relationship.  Birth is as profound and transformative for the partner as he functions fully, authentically, in his role as provider and protector.  As a doula, my goal is to serve the couple, not just the mother.  I respect the role of the partner, who provides a kind of intimate love and nurture that no one else can provide.  The ideas and strategies I suggest will always maximize the father’s participation within his comfort zone.  The doula relieves the father of the cognitive, strategic role, and allows him to stay in the moment, nurturing, loving and protecting his wife.  With the doula as a resource, the couple can trust their labor, their birth, and their relationship as they prepare for the birth of their baby.

Fees / Costs: 

In the Dallas metroplex area, doulas usually charge anywhere from $500 - $1,000, depending on experience.  I have been a doula, childbirth educator, and leader in Lamaze International for 17+ years. I believe birth is a major life event, and financial considerations should never be the reason someone does not get what they want.  My family depends on the income I can make as a doula, and I truly trust my clients to pay what they comfortably can.  Ideally, I like to aim for $800-900, but if I am able, I will consider doing a birth for any amount.  If you need to pay less, or if you want to make payments, that is absolutely fine.  Please just let me know so we can discuss some options.


I limit my client load so I can be fully available to you.  I appreciate receiving a $200 deposit to reserve my calendar for your due date.  The next payment of $200 is due by the 36th week, and the remaining $500 can be paid at the postpartum visit.  Many couples find it helpful to make smaller payments.  Please feel free to set any payment plan that works for your budget.

Please call or email anytime.  I look forward to serving you.


Margie Wallis

9509 Presthope Drive

Frisco, TX  75035

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